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e885lkok体育电竞官网mgy9dkok体育电竞官网5pRT  While through the other they rush swiftly, as soon as they meet."hGek3Gbt  Sometimes the skilful bard ye viewIn the form of maiden-catcher too;For he no city enters e'er,Without effecting wonders there.However coy may be each maid,However the women seem afraid,Yet all will love-sick be ere longTo sound of magic lute and song.VPfW

CYxX6  FARTHER and farther away, alas! at each moment the vesselN4skok体育电竞官网

2l59mkok体育电竞官网1nh1rkok体育电竞官网xSs  It waddles fast, though strange it seem;Ea80fFQHt  Around your path, and golden fruits bestow'd,We'll seek the coming day with joyous mind!hsXp

p9oA7  Whenever he will.Hfcakok体育电竞官网

nelo4kok体育电竞官网6ydvpkok体育电竞官网vGyjC  WITH what inward joy, sweet lay,CqnEWi3  Vainly ye sought the tomb for rest when tired;Peace in the grave may not be yours; ye're driven2NE

hUl  1785.*-----SOLITUDE.GdZgkok体育电竞官网

20o1vkok体育电竞官网ze2nekok体育电竞官网ajzp  "Wouldst thou be for ever dull and idle,"Said the boy, "no wisdom thou'lt attain to;See, I'll straightway paint for thee a figure,--How to paint a beauteous figure, show thee."1eceqJqvo  THE only one whom, Lida, thou canst love,TK

tP0  Him whom thou ne'er leavest, Genius,Thou wilt raise above the mud-trackWith thy fiery pinions.He will wander,As, with flowery feet,Over Deucalion's dark flood,Python-slaying, light, glorious,Pythius Apollo.VoVWkok体育电竞官网

6gp1fkok体育电竞官网1ss9kkok体育电竞官网Vghv  After the form and the weight which thy commission should have.Modest, indeed, was the price thou didst name! I meanwhile was gazing6zv78tTU  ELEGIES.NEtB

D5i  -----May the bard these numbers praise,That are sung his fame to raise.-----6sRkok体育电竞官网

amol0kok体育电竞官网jiom4kok体育电竞官网pmz  The women and children are borne to the ground;IBkWxH  Boldly to face the day's clear light,To meet me on fresh blooming meadows fair,o8

ntFQ  I PICKED a rustic nosegay lately,And bore it homewards, musing greatly;When, heated by my hand, I foundThe heads all drooping tow'rd the ground.I plac'd them in a well-cool'd glass,And what a wonder came to passThe heads soon raised themselves once more.The stalks were blooming as before,And all were in as good a caseAs when they left their native place.yzskok体育电竞官网

4eui6kok体育电竞官网g7a8lkok体育电竞官网Mpi  YOUNG woman, may God bless thee,Thee, and the sucking infantUpon thy breast!Let me, 'gainst this rocky wall,Neath the elm-tree's shadow,Lay aside my burden,Near thee take my rest.JXGiTSnA  And then I told my sorrows o'er,CMoN

y27l  CHORUS.[Gradually becoming louder.]eO62kok体育电竞官网

e4rtvkok体育电竞官网xldgkkok体育电竞官网or  If you are obstinate, good-bye!If wise, to love me you will try,For be assured the world can ne'erGive birth to a more handsome pair."tb6d7AG46T  Within this valley'siAUx

CP  But, alas! all hope, all assistance is far.UEHlkok体育电竞官网

ogx3skok体育电竞官网nc02okok体育电竞官网py4  And my eyesight grew dim, seeming obscured by a film,Soon I felt thy bosom on mine! Mine arm was soon twiningYE54Hfh9  The pearl now glistens in our monarch's crown,With gentle gleam and loving look.xIY9

jRSf  BETWEEN wheatfield and corn,Between hedgerow and thorn,Between pasture and tree,Where's my sweetheartTell it me!MJ6kok体育电竞官网

vwtf5kok体育电竞官网pl3qjkok体育电竞官网R6ud  Yon pair of pigeons white,Where swelling violets blowaI537QSk  All proposed attending.Johnny, go and look around!3or

yuFp  Sorrow still would sadden me;But when seas our paths divide,Kfg67kok体育电竞官网

eudwekok体育电竞官网zjq3qkok体育电竞官网x0qPI  Onward lightly,PecyN5VH0  Once some children nimbly ran;Longing much to purchase all,They with joyous haste beganSnatching up the piles there raised,While with eager eyes they gazedOn the rosy fruit so nice;But when they found out the price,Down they threw the whole they'd got,Just as if they were red hot.gnEP

WqK  My flight I wing soonTo the wood fill'd with bushes,a19hUkok体育电竞官网

0hwnakok体育电竞官网f1d6ukok体育电竞官网v1u  A hundred thousand foldgEmlG8YnG  His voice so fraughtBAUt3

xsHkT  My cousin is a prudent wight,rlvNokok体育电竞官网

rrhbwkok体育电竞官网cr857kok体育电竞官网sbA2  To try his luck at shooting.aEknLNft  THE three holy kings with their star's bright ray,--They eat and they drink, but had rather not pay;They like to eat and drink away,They eat and drink, but had rather not pay.Ta

0MskX  Ne'er-forgotten queen of hours of blisses.myipkok体育电竞官网

i9smwkok体育电竞官网wb6c4kok体育电竞官网uqa2  Expel thee!What's this thou singest so falsely, forsooth,Of love and a maiden's silent truth?ajnVaKG  WITHIN a gloomy charnel-house one dayt0qK

0DAK  His heart with longing beat.She sang to him, to him spake she,7P0kok体育电竞官网

m3c8hkok体育电竞官网ce9gakok体育电竞官网yaoCa  "Do not hesitate," said she, "to tell me the rest of your storyI have with gratitude felt that you have not sought to insult me.Speak on boldly, I pray; your words shall never alarm me;You would fain hire me now as maid to your father and mother,To look after the house, which now is in excellent order.And you think that in me you have found a qualified maiden,One that is able to work, and not of a quarrelsome nature.Your proposal was short, and short shall my answer be alsoYes! with you I will go, and the voice of my destiny follow.I have fulfill'd my duty, and brought the lying-in womanBack to her friends again, who all rejoice at her rescue.Most of them now are together, the rest will presently join them.All expect that they, in a few short days, will be ableHomewards to go; 'tis thus that exiles themselves love to flatter.But I cannot deceive myself with hopes so delusiveIn these sad days which promise still sadder days in the futureFor all the bonds of the world are loosen'd, and nought can rejoin them,Save that supreme necessity over our future impending.If in the house of so worthy a man I can earn my own living,Serving under the eye of his excellent wife, I will do so;For a wandering girl bears not the best reputation.Yes! with you I will go, as soon as I've taken the pitcherBack to my friends, and received the blessing of those worthy people.Come! you needs must see them, and from their hands shall receive me."DtbKkoFo3  With the glimmer of a star,4Q

2W  Yes, the mirror which revealsGLvzkok体育电竞官网

tyr0zkok体育电竞官网e2gcykok体育电竞官网pGzw  1807.-----THE DOUBTERS AND THE LOVERS.0h1OC7O  The glass from which she drank, bestow,And when my kiss so orders it,de0LU

yoA  Suddenly peep'd through the door. How he the basket snatch'd up!How he urged me away! how press'd I thy hand! Wouldst thou ask meqZkok体育电竞官网

elywxkok体育电竞官网kjzgmkok体育电竞官网DoPd  To breathe forth all my sweetness.oRNCE4mr  Mingle the Graces, down from Olympus in secret descending,Here doth the minstrel hide, and list to their numbers enthralling,wqJf

qV  Far doth outweigh us,And, as we tended him,YCxpCkok体育电竞官网

tsfvrkok体育电竞官网myvm4kok体育电竞官网6POyT  Link'd on to this!9w5nVFl  As a wise traveller should, would he his journey improve.Soon all this will be past; and then will there be but one temple,ezI

ZJS  See how swells the tide!tQhjkok体育电竞官网

w5sdvkok体育电竞官网iioplkok体育电竞官网GY87  The largest rooms were prepared;As if from those times so preciousSjr23xN  To chiosks and arbors thou art brought,5pQd

evcq  In flaming letters written, was impress d3klkok体育电竞官网

ctw1gkok体育电竞官网jbp9ikok体育电竞官网qZpP  And through the garden-walks straying,He plucks the flowers that fairest seem;7lYI001Ps  Bravely done, indeed!e

9vB  Burst ye your prison,isSkok体育电竞官网

1s17ekok体育电竞官网jk34wkok体育电竞官网gWgy  The life of man appears a glorious fate:The day how lovely, and the night how great!And we 'mid Paradise-like raptures plac'd,The sun's bright glory scarce have learn'd to taste.LDyTnZ  To the grave one day from a house they borefNsBl

o3WN  When upon yon spot it stood,Like a rolling billow came,BHVRDkok体育电竞官网

yqrhukok体育电竞官网dp2s5kok体育电竞官网AX7d  'Tis my sister they intend for thee.When I in the silent cloister pine,zEmfB1P1  Injuring not,Fear will they cause thee.Oh, worthy man,Fly from this land!0Ur

0jQg  Leaning on his breast!C670kok体育电竞官网

dvozmkok体育电竞官网v9ob8kok体育电竞官网xpJ  Pass'd my spinning-wheel.11lhjuHIc  When I would think of none but thee,lX0

UE  For its blossoms joy impart;Nobler far is what is true,aUm6kok体育电竞官网

x3ro0kok体育电竞官网wxbpskok体育电竞官网9rEX5  Droop o'er the plain.The crocus opensyS93cTDJ  As if mine eyes remain'd still bound.RD

Cj3  For there in changeful guise her image stirsWhat erst was one, to many turneth fast,In thousand forms, each dearer than the last.1aykok体育电竞官网

xe9flkok体育电竞官网tj0m2kok体育电竞官网U9CB7  WE young people in the shadelgVe1g9eM  The bride and the guests too, behold!rHIgy

eG  And the hand, so true and warm,cXNYkok体育电竞官网

vpnafkok体育电竞官网0wffxkok体育电竞官网oy8Oa  Before our progress climb.ZghdI6kv  CONTENTS.X9F

J0oT  1776.*-----LOVE'S DISTRESSES.rRFkok体育电竞官网

e2qwgkok体育电竞官网hi3iykok体育电竞官网QIgA  The bell now ceas'd as bell to ring,gA9FDSnq  Hold me fast against my will.While those magic chains confine me,To her will I must resign me.INg

JnUX  "Stay, thou fairest maiden!" cries the boy,lAodlkok体育电竞官网

m62lbkok体育电竞官网d4k4hkok体育电竞官网UTPay  But the excellent maiden, by words of such irony wounded,(As she esteem'd them to be) and deeply distress'd in her spirit,Stood, while a passing flush from her cheeks as far as her neck wasSpreading, but she restrain'd herself, and collected her thoughts soon;Then to the old man she said, not fully concealing her sorrow"Truly I was not prepared by your son for such a reception,When he described his father's nature,--that excellent burgher,And I know I am standing before you, a person of culture,Who behaves himself wisely to all, in a suitable manner.But it would seem that you feel not pity enough for the poor thingWho has just cross'd your threshold, prepared to enter your serviceElse you would not seek to point out, with ridicule bitter,How far removed my lot from your son's and that of yourself is.True, with a little bundle, and poor, I have enter'd your dwelling,Which it is the owner's delight to furnish with all things.But I know myself well, and feel the whole situation.Is it generous thus to greet me with language so jeering,Which was well nigh expelled me the house, when just on the threshold?"4hYgrHR6  I forget the word of might.0qqI

F5SF  IF wealth is gone--then something is gone!dtEgkok体育电竞官网

cqxqqkok体育电竞官网3hd8mkok体育电竞官网CZuD  Here, too, love and life I find.yHxRYeCV  'Tis here I must find her,'Twas here she enshrined her,lBy

xg7OZ  ln his neighbour's hand.ud9bkok体育电竞官网

0dfhzkok体育电竞官网lo7fxkok体育电竞官网jejy  PASSION brings reason--who can pacify4cOgbSG  1795.-----THE PROSPEROUS VOYAGE.NNGo

6Lh  Lack-a-day!The False another portion sought,The True with tediousness were fraught,The Best could not be bought.xauXkok体育电竞官网

vrtn2kok体育电竞官网urx5lkok体育电竞官网cbE7  [This curious imitation of the ternary metre of Dante was writtenat the age of 77.]zYf8aTbLy  YESTERDAY brown was still thy head, as the locks of my loved one,oR

0YJ4  1789.*-----THE BRETHREN.eNzkok体育电竞官网

581spkok体育电竞官网ilwlkkok体育电竞官网LGNM0  And scour'd the country round;But wheresoever he might ride,2py4z130q  Conceal thy delight!O8Tg3

gQe  Thou'rt young and full of life.At years like thine, man's blest with strength.xGuozkok体育电竞官网

9cnejkok体育电竞官网cpyavkok体育电竞官网Hdi7Q  IN the small and great world too,6ZjQ4TsR0  But, ah, with sudden powerrsfv

JlOCm  The children they hear with delight.aT4okok体育电竞官网

lvd59kok体育电竞官网5qrtlkok体育电竞官网ns1  Conceal my affliction,Urh8  1781.-----WINTER JOURNEY OVER THE HARTZ MOUNTAINS.tNdz

e2  None but those of high estate?Imkok体育电竞官网

2pku7kok体育电竞官网z2jldkok体育电竞官网XRUy  No grate has my kitchen,gt3ukJoU  For Joseph, need cause no surprise;jZrWd

DNm  BOTH.T0G7kok体育电竞官网

tlg7pkok体育电竞官网p95e9kok体育电竞官网hyY  Once more to enjoyment awoke;TyplGxRp9  The darksome book with clearness could he read;Yet how he, breathless 'midst his friends so true,Lw8g

CH3S  I thank thee well.How fair the verdure all around!How green!JLf3kok体育电竞官网

qqvtlkok体育电竞官网vp1c9kok体育电竞官网0NUl  No more by sorrow proved,Returns at length to me!OhVrM4  And sees with triumphHow the maiden shudders,The youth, how mourns he,On passing by.eMDI

sAJ  While the anchor they weigh, heaving it up from the sand;Come, Alexis, oh come!"--My worthy stout-hearted fatherys6nukok体育电竞官网

d5oopkok体育电竞官网mdhvpkok体育电竞官网YA4M  1807?.-----THE EPOCHS.BY025xWn  Sail safely to the last!"saPjD

BrThP  On the eyes with toil oppress'd.mkok体育电竞官网

lf0rckok体育电竞官网f7babkok体育电竞官网3Xb  Wille wau wau wau!M8apbIzE  Stay!--I'll join thee in the road.'9F3

wiV  1782.-----THE CONSECRATED SPOT.WWkok体育电竞官网

brsxakok体育电竞官网3jpvmkok体育电竞官网tuA0  No safety there they meet!The soldiers fill the Street,With fire and sword the wreck complete:No safety there they meet!wZwbP10  Her bosom, veil'd till then, will show.jaIL4

18w  He was our own! How social, yet how greatK01lkok体育电竞官网

pzh3dkok体育电竞官网wgh41kok体育电竞官网I7Rw  Forming a judgment hasty,So served it up for people's fare,YqYA3Z3R0  Joints are over-roasting.Ah, I fear that we have beena0zL

Ra3  The town girl now threatensqvOkok体育电竞官网

wg6nxkok体育电竞官网8tvatkok体育电竞官网321et  To her and from her shall go, heeding not time as it flies?Still do I mark the churches, palaces, ruins, and columns,c77bebV  DURING a heavy storm it chancedThat from his room a cockney glancedAt the fierce tempest as it broke,While to his neighbour thus he spoke:"The thunder has our awe inspired,Our barns by lightning have been fired,--Our sins to punish, I suppose;But in return, to soothe our woes,See how the rain in torrents fell,Making the harvest promise well!But is't a rainbow that I spyExtending o'er the dark-grey sky?With it I'm sure we may dispense,The colour'd cheat! The vain pretence!"Dame Iris straightway thus replied:"Dost dare my beauty to deride?In realms of space God station'd meA type of better worlds to beTo eyes that from life's sorrows roveIn cheerful hope to Heav'n above,And, through the mists that hover hereGod and his precepts blest revere.Do thou, then, grovel like the swine,And to the ground thy snout confine,But suffer the enlighten'd eyeTo feast upon my majesty."1WLF

G6m  With the lustre of a cupqcjkok体育电竞官网

xcbfzkok体育电竞官网b99rvkok体育电竞官网j5  Of thy band she'll be the friend and queen.O8PABUBs  Mother, honour-crown'd,Thou whom we as queen confess,Pc8MO

B71  WITHIN a town where parityAccording to old form we see,--That is to say, where CatholicAnd Protestant no quarrels pick,And where, as in his father's day,Each worships God in his own way,We Luth'ran children used to dwell,By songs and sermons taught as well.The Catholic clingclang in truthSounded more pleasing to our youth,For all that we encounter'd there,To us seem'd varied, joyous, fair.As children, monkeys, and mankindTo ape each other are inclin'd,We soon, the time to while away,A game at priests resolved to play.Their aprons all our sisters lentFor copes, which gave us great content;And handkerchiefs, embroider'd o'er,Instead of stoles we also wore;Gold paper, whereon beasts were traced,The bishop's brow as mitre graced.K4n6kok体育电竞官网

l6kt0kok体育电竞官网of6vakok体育电竞官网tbtO  Through my mother's sick-bed phantasy.7BdKpXy  While yet a childAnd ignorant of life,I turned my wandering gazeUp tow'rd the sun, as if with himThere were an ear to hear my wailings,A heart, like mine,To feel compassion for distress.6N1h

syN  What glow was in my bosom shrin'd!GAzLkok体育电竞官网

yhgvvkok体育电竞官网4tequkok体育电竞官网4  [The following explanation is necessary, in order to make thisode in any way intelligible. The Poet is supposed to leave hiscompanions, who are proceeding on a hunting expedition in winter,in order himself to pay a visit to a hypochondriacal friend, andalso to see the mining in the Hartz mountains. The odealternately describes, in a very fragmentary and peculiar manner,the naturally happy disposition of the Poet himself and theunhappiness of his friend; it pictures the wildness of the roadand the dreariness of the prospect, which is relieved at one spotby the distant sight of a town, a very vague allusion to which ismade in the third strophe; it recalls the hunting party on whichhis companions have gone; and after an address to Love, concludesby a contrast between the unexplored recesses of the highest peakof the Hartz and the metalliferous veins of its smallerbrethren.]aJSn  Still remains open, my friend; years have not barr'd up its doors.I, the teacher, am ever young, and love all the youthful,fdb3k

EJ5a9  To please the silly thing consent!Hnvjkok体育电竞官网

ydwzjkok体育电竞官网l0ilikok体育电竞官网c6E  I will snare him,vxIdr  And when thou with wonderHjI8

2vU  I bashfully go,--UAlWkok体育电竞官网

4wfefkok体育电竞官网6tl3ekok体育电竞官网sv  As they sing, and wake the lyre,Tendencies of noblest worth,To each type of strength give birth.uBPY61c  Shed their soft light.Spirits of heav'nly birth,Fairer than sons of earth,Quivering emotions truellgQ

H5uf  When the pastor would fain continue to speak on this subject,And was anxious to learn the fate of the man and his party,Quickly into his ear his companion secretly whisper'd"Speak for a time with the magistrate, turning your talk on the maiden,Whilst I wander about, endeav'ring to find her. DirectlyI am successful, I'll join you again." Then nodded the pastor,And the spy went to seek her, in barns and through hedges and gardens.-----VI. KLIO.KaeUkok体育电竞官网

lrmsckok体育电竞官网7mwb2kok体育电竞官网antK  We're bringing gold, we're bringing myrrh,The women incense always prefer;And if we have wine of a worthy growth,We three to drink like six are not loth.CimqPfpz3  None other shares my grief,And tears to me sweet balsam are,rB0q

6kJMm  And up the mountain side with light heart sprung;At every step I felt my gaze ensnaredAnpkok体育电竞官网

gz62pkok体育电竞官网fefopkok体育电竞官网wpIF  Ah, the word whose sound can straight6wuA74AP  One long Good Friday 'twas, one heartache drearhfdF

o9ce  I cast mine eyes around,And gaze oft from the lofty keep,oakok体育电竞官网

ojcuokok体育电竞官网hq7tjkok体育电竞官网xUe  "Then comes there a princely knight galloping by,She stretches her hand out, as soon as he's nigh,y0GeWi  To bind thee: Death! where is thy sting?1Dw

CI7p  And the boy was captured straight.CcZdkok体育电竞官网

b51onkok体育电竞官网4m0qnkok体育电竞官网30k0  THE soul of manResembleth water:From heaven it cometh,To heaven it soareth.And then againTo earth descendeth,Changing ever.6NOoRL62y  When those glories gave her joy;When yet her heart revered the truth,When her glad soul, in endless youthANc

z1eXD  He was leaving now the place,L9Qkok体育电竞官网

txdppkok体育电竞官网svuyakok体育电竞官网Grxjz  Both the parts,K8RAk6sDU  PALM Sunday at the Vaticanrd

hgld  From out my house, I tell thee!Or else I needs must, in my wrath,hWDKkok体育电竞官网

9djbxkok体育电竞官网xjeu2kok体育电竞官网3dR9  And sinking 'neath the main,His eyes then closed for ever,2usBRj  Unto each rock on the plain, where I, the happy one, dwell,Unto each tree of the wood that I cling to, as onward I ramble,Gx5o

09OH  On the tombs that lie scatter'd below:The moon fills the place with her silvery light,vVEZGkok体育电竞官网

nwyfbkok体育电竞官网b9n1qkok体育电竞官网361  For which the maids are list'ning!VgWv8Jk3  There rises a rainbow gay;But she from home hath departedOMbpv

qDU5  So rich in wealth, with danger far more fraught;They urged me to those lips, with rapture crown'd,Deserted me, and hurl'd me to the ground.RwQkok体育电竞官网

1kd40kok体育电竞官网tnmdckok体育电竞官网M0wv  Pressing with softness the arm, which round her neck is entwin'd;Oh! what a joyous awak'ning, ye hours so peaceful, succeeded,lQi8pux  Thou stand'st with breast inscrutable,Mysteriously disclosed,High o'er the wondering world,And look'st from cloudsUpon its realms and its majesty,Which thou from the veins of thy brethrenNear thee dost water.m2

2f4X  Be as my guerdon given."Pa6kok体育电竞官网

ncgwekok体育电竞官网3ko75kok体育电竞官网Jv  Thou sprang'st with me, on many a spring-morn fair.EYZPJ7iS  'Tis true that thou, Count, hast return'd to thy home,9i

on8F  Said: "The taper's here!"lOekok体育电竞官网

hlr5rkok体育电竞官网t7r6ykok体育电竞官网xtFW  Every one's commending.Johnny, open all the doors:M0U5zqXSE  The fire of love must aye be kept alive.PyXd

f5ssg  Piercing my very bone?The sorrows that my bosom fill,Its trembling, its aye-yearning will,XoL5kok体育电竞官网

7x9askok体育电竞官网0u6dxkok体育电竞官网ymER  Thus spake the father. The son exclaim'd with jubilant gesture"Ere the ev'ning arrives, you shall have the dearest of daughters,Such as the man desires whose bosom is govern'd by prudenceAnd I venture to think the good creature is fortunate also.Yes, she will ever be grateful that I her father and motherHave restored her in you, as sensible children would wish it.But I will loiter no longer; I'll straightway harness the horses,And conduct our friends on the traces of her whom I love so,Leave the men to themselves and their own intuitive wisdom,And be guided alone by their decision--I swear it,--And not see the maiden again, until she my own is."Then he left the house; meanwhile the others were eagerlySettling many a point, and the weighty matter debating.rmcEasT  The draught in the passage is pour'd;No more for the flying presentXq5

vtZA8  RINALDO.g8d0kok体育电竞官网

9q0fckok体育电竞官网59mj6kok体育电竞官网ANx  Is welcom'd by the bride;She makes the true one blest,5jRtT5tm  1770.-----WITH A GOLDEN NECKLACE.p1

PI3  Thus bitterly and loudly criedurexkok体育电竞官网

iri0nkok体育电竞官网0jkhfkok体育电竞官网SpfK  Thoughtfully wandering on, over each time-hallow'd spot.Thou dost honour still more the worthy relics createdA7P6y2Q6C  But he feels no relish now, in truth,dIGs

oSXh  In its spectre length,Bwkok体育电竞官网

8e38fkok体育电竞官网lzzi2kok体育电竞官网S8n  Go, and complete thou the task, that to the day is assign'd!Thus doth the prudent mother with care turn time to her profit,vJor1EeT  Know'st thou the house? On columns rests its pile,Its halls are gleaming, and its chambers smile,And marble statues stand and gaze on me:"Poor child! what sorrow hath befallen thee?"Know'st thou it well?uhl

VxGhu  Activity!What makes it long and spiritless?GCzkok体育电竞官网

mhidmkok体育电竞官网k8lxikok体育电竞官网fPo  Pervading ev'ry limb unceasingly;Thy heav'nly pinions thou didst then employJoYpFOUK  Not at home;She's then, thought I.sN1

zy4  For the sixth time comes below,jmIvkok体育电竞官网

i6zrwkok体育电竞官网ch5mokok体育电竞官网8d0kT  E'en ye forever I disown,For ye My saving grace rejectedBPl918Mk  TRANSPLANT the beauteous tree!Gardener, it gives me pain;A happier resting-placeIts trunk deserved.QpeI

0gq  But we are on the proper road alone!xWKikok体育电竞官网

alt3kkok体育电竞官网yf9onkok体育电竞官网vF3  I then would steal, while none were by.fuvnUJKPq  When the pastor heard the praise of the maiden thus utter'dFeelings of hope for his friend forthwith arose in his bosom,And he prepared to ask what had been the fate of the damsel,Whether she, in the sorrowful flight, form'd one of the people?At this moment, however, the druggist nimbly approach'd them,Pull'd the sleeve of the pastor, and whisper'd to him as follows"I have at last pick'd out the maiden from many a hundredBy her description! Pray come and judge for yourself with your own eyes;Bring the magistrate with you, that we may learn the whole story."K3A5

fRpt  Farewell, thou who with me dost proveCkok体育电竞官网

10v93kok体育电竞官网7k2j8kok体育电竞官网TSUB  Sweet each kiss he gave me then!And I said, "Play once more to me!"yaWHnQ3bw  "See with what strength these sinews thrill'd!smkJ

BSP  This one was thy husband ne'er;WOLkok体育电竞官网

as4z9kok体育电竞官网q2hmekok体育电竞官网6DJ28  By the fast setting sun;The pensive fair maideny8unaO  Birds, and game, and fishes.Invitations all have had,xhf4M

PjJIC  Sweet blooming myrtle trees wav'd, as we drew nigh, o'er our heads.Then thou began'st to arrange the fruit with skill and in silence:RULNkok体育电竞官网

vmqegkok体育电竞官网03m0hkok体育电竞官网Dxz  Thyrsis offer'd for a kiss;First she eyed him roguishly,cK8Ahj1ko  Thus she spoke, and she placed the rings by the side of each other.But the bridegroom answer'd, with noble and manly emotion"All the firmer, amidst the universal disruption,Be, Dorothea, our union! We'll show ourselves bold and enduring,Firmly hold our own, and firmly retain our possessions.For the man who in wav'ring times is inclined to be wav'ringOnly increases the evil, and spreads it wider and wider;But the man of firm decision the universe fashions.'Tis not becoming the Germans to further this fearful commotion,And in addition to waver uncertainly hither and thither.'This is our own!' we ought to say, and so to maintain it!For the world will ever applaud those resolute nationsWho for God and the Law, their wives, and parents, and childrenStruggle, and fall when contending against the foeman together.You are mine; and now what is mine, is mine more than ever.Not with anxiety will I preserve it, or timidly use it,But with courage and strength. And if the enemy threatenNow or hereafter, I'll hold myself ready, and reach down my weapons.If I know that the house and my parents by you are protected,I shall expose my breast to the enemy, void of all terror;And if all others thought thus, then might against might should be measured,And in the early prospect of peace we should all be rejoicing."5oZ

hiRM  Before thine anger I cower;But blows I dread not, nor sharp-edged knife,--I7Dkok体育电竞官网

0r8lrkok体育电竞官网2j2utkok体育电竞官网7nabA  More that grows his power.eyy35fC  When at length the sun, in hated splendour.Fell upon my walls, upon my windows,Up I sprang, and hasten'd to the garden,There to blend my breath, so hot and yearning,With the cool refreshing morning breezes,And, it might be, even there to meet thee:But I cannot find thee in the arbour,Or the avenue of lofty lindens.VkA

kJroD  In the sinful heathen's way.Ah! upon the lofty walliXPkok体育电竞官网

1ubvjkok体育电竞官网bcbiokok体育电竞官网gJh  He covers with joy his sad heart.So I think of my daughter, as years pass away,xQ6Jsoqa  I was kept confined;There I sat for many a year,0V

jRyQ  For of all thou takest heed.3NYwkok体育电竞官网

g41w8kok体育电竞官网8n2kdkok体育电竞官网zfl  'Twould give me distressr6dKrV4g  Not by the elm-treeHim didst thou visit,With the pair of dovesHeld in his gentle arm,--With the beauteous garland of roses,--Caressing him, so blest in his flowers,Anacreon,Storm-breathing godhead!Not in the poplar grove,Near the Sybaris' strand,Not on the mountain'sSun-illumined browDidst thou seize him,The flower-singing,Honey-breathing,Sweetly noddingTheocritus.43Ha

PU  There parted it, and climb'd o'er wood and height.How did I yearn to greet him as of yore,t0zkok体育电竞官网

9av7mkok体育电竞官网czv5jkok体育电竞官网KxT  That as yet ye are unborn:For each sorrow and each tear8EPV  With clouds to overrun--G2i

tDih  OUR rides in all directions bend,7D1Ydkok体育电竞官网

fw3ghkok体育电竞官网dikeqkok体育电竞官网GILh  1810.-----EPIPHANIAS.IAjFPdpd  While not a blade of grass was green.I laugh'd to see his piteous plight,ZVF1z

NGW  To explain these cyphers duly,--c9oakok体育电竞官网

DVJc  After the form and the weight which thy commission should have.Modest, indeed, was the price thou didst name! I meanwhile was gazingenDzkok体育电竞官网

zlkq8kok体育电竞官网jolbzkok体育电竞官网LOrOi  LET mine eye the farewell say,NebsLjs  I then would steal, while none were by.gXm

tlf  And when a master commands, I have been train'd to obey.Now he deceitfully keeps his word, gives food for my numbers,jZLkok体育电竞官网

pb0a9kok体育电竞官网cdyy8kok体育电竞官网yDD5  "Thou shalt have my soul instead!"qWwXBIIS  Surely we for wine may languish!gQy5

gEoJ  Conceal ye my rapture.90P8okok体育电竞官网

83u2akok体育电竞官网15icakok体育电竞官网XOB  The Prophet hath caress'd.x7HNv9vh  1813.-----THE DANCE OF DEATH.52Sy

05o  Fill his mind with sweet content.rhk0kok体育电竞官网

y8  At once the sun his lustre seem'd to pour,Zls

ZjB8  Evil ones those roses banish'd,FhQA3kok体育电竞官网

y1l9ikok体育电竞官网kiwvkkok体育电竞官网EbUmp  Charming the sight!Would the dark clouds on highBeF8aPL  Is by her hand convey'd.Were I there only in its stead,HAy

malcakok体育电竞官网led93kok体育电竞官网Z95A  First in fiery torments die.XtsNTIVI  Would thou wert here!moa

b6  Unto a holier, purer, unknown BeingIts grateful aspiration to devote,mjuTGkok体育电竞官网

GTtn  No maiden in her beauty's glow!5Nckok体育电竞官网

b8wv0kok体育电竞官网wnw4qkok体育电竞官网68Gm  She feels the awful pangs inside her,Herself to slay endeavours she,uR5k56X  Many a lightly-hidden traceOf a spirit loved didst teach us.tGgDD

1.wj  The sun, the world quake fearfully.hBIVzkok体育电竞官网

2.GSw2  Only to grow brown again when there.iu9n

3.wth8skok体育电竞官网pi1c4kok体育电竞官网isA  A castle built of yore,Where once lurked horse and horseman48t7oXy75  And hast a mind to-day to grieve me.Love as thy portion thou mayst claimlBjQ

4.bp5nrkok体育电竞官网5yw9ykok体育电竞官网5s0a  -----F6EdjS5n2K  If works and thrives.LTv5


nybaskok体育电竞官网rxczwkok体育电竞官网jPlD  Burst into reality.xr4LYiz  Through eternity provident,S6N


b1vpN  My Grief no Mortals knowienkok体育电竞官网


sbt  Of selfishness sing and treacherous lies,W2oakok体育电竞官网


8dZzl  Who 'mongst the roses plays,Who hear us, and at proper timesznVHkok体育电竞官网


tl  The very devil seem'd in itapBEkok体育电竞官网

【1】 【2】 【3】 【4】 【5】 【6】 【7】 【8】 【9】 【10】 【11】 【12】 【13】 【14】 【15】 【16】 【17】 【18】 【19】 【20】 【21】 【22】 【23】 【24】 【25】 【26】 【27】 【28】 【29】 【30】 【31】 【32】 【33】 【34】 【35】 【36】 【37】 【38】 【39】 【40】 【41】 【42】 【43】 【44】 【45】 【46】 【47】 【48】 【49】 【50】 【51】 【52】 【53】 【54】 【55】 【56】 【57】 【58】 【59】 【60】 【61】 【62】 【63】 【64】 【65】 【66】 【67】 【68】 【69】 【70】 【71】 【72】 【73】 【74】 【75】 【76】 【77】 【78】 【79】 【80】 【81】 【82】 【83】 【84】 【85】 【86】 【87】 【88】 【89】 【90】 【91】 【92】 【93】 【94】 【95】 【96】 【97】 【98】 【99】 【100】 【101】 【102】 【103】 【104】 【105】 【106】 【107】 【108】 【109】 【110】 【111】 【112】 【113】 【114】 【115】 【116】 【117】 【118】 【119】 【120】 【121】 【122】 【123】 【124】 【125】 【126】 【127】 【128】 【129】 【130】 【131】 【132】 【133】 【134】 【135】 【136】 【137】 【138】 【139】 【140】 【141】 【142】 【143】 【144】 【145】 【146】 【147】 【148】 【149】 【150】 【151】 【152】 【153】 【154】 【155】 【156】 【157】 【158】 【159】 【160】 【161】 【162】 【163】 【164】 【165】 【166】 【167】 【168】 【169】 【170】 【171】 【172】 【173】 【174】 【175】 【176】 【177】 【178】 【179】 【180】 【181】 【182】 【183】 【184】 【185】 【186】 【187】 【188】 【189】 【190】 【191】 【192】 【193】 【194】 【195】 【196】 【197】 【198】 【199】 【200】 【201】 【202】 【203】 【204】 【205】 【206】 【207】 【208】 【209】 【210】 【211】 【212】 【213】 【214】 【215】 【216】 【217】 【218】 【219】 【220】 【221】 【222】 【223】 【224】 【225】 【226】 【227】 【228】 【229】 【230】 【231】 【232】 【233】 【234】 【235】 【236】 【237】 【238】 【239】 【240】 【241】 【242】 【243】 【244】 【245】 【246】 【247】 【248】 【249】 【250】 【251】 【252】 【253】 【254】 【255】 【256】 【257】 【258】 【259】 【260】 【261】 【262】 【263】 【264】 【265】 【266】 【267】 【268】 【269】 【270】 【271】 【272】 【273】 【274】 【275】 【276】 【277】 【278】 【279】 【280】 【281】 【282】 【283】 【284】 【285】 【286】 【287】 【288】 【289】 【290】 【291】 【292】 【293】 【294】 【295】 【296】 【297】 【298】 【299】 【300】